Friday, May 7, 2010

Sometimes, the universe conspires with us.

Hello, Universe!

I am alive and thriving. Having finally kicked the nasty cold that had me miserable for nearly three weeks, I didn't feel much like writing for a bit. I was feeling particularly inward-looking. But I finally have something I would like to share!

I found out two nights ago that, after having been wait-listed for a NASA Tweet-Up for the upcoming, final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, a space had opened. What this means is that I will have two fun-filled days to indulge in a fantasia of space geek-a-rama: meeting fellow space geek Tweeters from across the country and the world, apparently; a couple of astronauts--one of which I've been out to lunch with, just the two of us, nine years ago; and ultimately, next Friday, observe Atlantis' launch from the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 Press Site at Banana Creek. I have never, in my life-long space geekdom, been able to secure a spot viewing location closer than about 6 miles from the launch pad, at what used to be Space Camp Florida. Next Friday, I will be at the minimum safe viewing distance--3.5 miles away--on Kennedy Space Center property.

That is, of course, presuming that Pokey doesn't decide to blast off first. I will be 38 and a half weeks pregnant. I will be keeping my fingers-crossed that the universe continues to conspire with me--hang on Pokey, Pokey hang on!

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