Thursday, April 8, 2010

Partly sick with a 100% chance of rant.

Still sick, or in allergy hell. Can't really believe it's the latter because I've never been affected like this in the past, and DH had the same damn symptoms. Mine just seems to be more insidious and lingering--the suppressed immune system probably doesn't help. To this end, I'd like to thank What to Expect for illustrating in dazzling relief what is meant by the terms 'self-fulfilling prophecy,' 'subject-expectancy effect,' etc: no sooner do I receive the What to Expect Daily Email O'Preggo Misery (not their trademarked terms, but I offer it up freely), but those self-same symptoms arrive, usually within a week or two. Now, one might say that What to Expect has it down and really knows "what to expect," but I've come to dread the emails as portends. Two weeks ago, I received the suppressed immune system omen. The worst sickness I'd dealt with prior to this cold was a really bad runny nose somewhere in the middle of the first trimester, which What to Expect informed me about a week prior to its onset was a result of an increased production of mucus throughout my body.

The list of foretold symptoms which have come to pass is long and distinguished: nerve pain in my dominant hand, swelling of my hands and feet, bleeding nose, broadening nose, bleeding gums (which didn't last long, thank God), acne, constipation, insomnia, nausea, strange cravings (mmm...crushed ice), vivid dreams, hemorrhoids...for starters.

Today's portend? Puffy cheeks. So freaking excited for that...just in time for the baby shower in two weeks (read: photographs)! Also: to the smug, pedantic a-hole who decided that it was best to inform us that a "pound of prevention" is the key to avoiding illness on the landing page of the If You Get Sick section, I'd like to biff you soundly on the forehead. I'm sure most of us wouldn't click on the page if we weren't already sick, and we really don't need the reminder that prevention didn't work.

Perhaps prevention might equate to removing my email address from their newsletter mailing list.


  1. You poor dear. Hope the symptoms spare you soon. ;0

  2. Thanks, Paige. Being sick is the pits! And nobody likes a whiner, I know. Here's hoping it goes away rilly, rilly soon.

  3. I do think that being pregnant has some sort of sinus effect b/c Charlie's PT is Pregnant and she's had horrible sinuses the whole time.

    I'd skip the newsletters. I tell myself if I get pregnant again I'm not reading any damn books or websites. Just give you stuff to worry about.

  4. Being sick at the same time as being pregnant is NO FAIR. Hope you feel better soon.