Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rays Win!

Still totally under the weather and my brain isn't feeling terribly inspired to find things to write about. I'm on about two hours sleep, but my throat was too sore and the need to cough too urgent to lay down for much longer this morning. DH deserves to sleep unfettered while he can.

I did, however, drag my butt to the Tampa Bay Rays' season opener last night at Tropicana Field. I'd bought the tickets the day they went on presale to fans and made a pregnant belly shirt to wear...there was no way I wasn't going. It was the first home game for the Rays I'd ever attended. Actually witnessed Evan Longoria hitting a homerun to heaven: 421 feet into the upper-tiered Party Deck! Who knew all those screaming girlfans were on to something. Obviously, I felt ok while I was there. Cheered far too much and had much too good a time. I deserve my misery. The Rays were down for nearly the entirety of the game until they clinched the win at the bottom of the 9th inning, for which I'd like to thank them for making the experience far too hand-wringing for a woman in my delicate condition; but, in the end, doing the decent thing and pulling out the stops to WIN. What a finish!

Here come the Rays!

Correction: The Rays News is reporting that the homerun smacked by Longoria last night is one of the longest in Tropicana Field history, at 473 feet. Beast!


  1. I love the tee shirt! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. the shirt is great. I totally had to read that post three times because I kept reading "Eva Longoria" and I was like, "is she kidding?" "being ironic?" Ohhhhh. . . I get it.

  3. Haha! No, Evan Longoria is the Ray's first bonafide super star, and he's considered the 'heart-throb.' Female fans will scream, "Hit it to heaven, Evan!" when he comes up to bat. If you haven't seen him in commercials yet, you'll start to very soon.