Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pop Vintage Find: Tomato Pinafore Apron...and A Post-Post Modern Idea.

Inspiration arises from the most unassuming of details. This adorable pinafore apron was $3.99 at a local antique store. I couldn't resist the little tomato illustration on the pockets.

On that particular shopping day, two days prior to the wedding, I was in the market for "something old," namely an English penny to stick in my shoe. I found this apron by sheer providence. It's so much cuter in person. This apron, or rather, the combination of this apron, the tropical sleeveless dress (acquired from a boutique in Atlanta, the name of which is escaping me at present), and my maternal grandmother's plastic red and pink costume pearls gave me an idea; the first creative writing idea I've had in quite some time: "Pop Housewife."

I snapped a photo of this apron and the outfit to post on a discussion forum I frequent with sassy, brassy ladies, when I realized the highly-stylized, cartoonish cutiepie staring back at me belies the caustic tongue I associate with my own tartish internal monologue.

Whatever is happening right now, this impulse to embrace and chuck the idea of a gilded cage, I plan to buck the negative, anti-woman, anti-educated association with what it means to be a Home Economist these days. I hope I might change some minds while I'm here, particularly my own.

Here's your apron. Get to work.

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