Friday, September 18, 2009


It is indeed a strange thing to receive nasty comments of a personal nature from abject strangers. It's even more strange when those comments of a personal nature pertain to content from my previous blog; which is quite some feat of disdain because that blog is 1. erased, and 2. unsearchable. It would seem I have a blog stalker. Considering the mealy-mouthed nature of her commentary, I am more than a little surprised to learn she followed me here since she seems to find my own existence so questionable. But, as Heather Armstrong (@dooce) so cogently pointed out about her own blog stalker just a few days ago on Twitter, "I'm guessing my blog stalker has so much time to harass me because her crusty panties have permanently glued her to her chair."

Dear Blog Stalker, I learned a lot more about you last night than would make you comfortable, I'm certain. This is the internet, after all. Perhaps it would behoove you to live your life in as "Christian" a manner as I am 100% certain you profess to in your bland, sanctimonious existence. Instead of the newly-pregnant, perhaps you could pick on another deserving group, like kittens or baby seals.

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