Friday, March 19, 2010

Thirty Week Check-Up

Some more updates from the land of Pregtasia.

I met with a new midwife this visit whom I really like. This is a big development. I struggled with the fact that my OB didn't exactly meet my expectations in my pregnancy care for a few months before I decided to switch practitioners, the last of which suggested I try the midwives because his wife delivered with them and they were wonderful. That's the best recommendation I could have heard. I'll write more about this decision at another time. Fortunately, there are three Certified Nurse Midwives in my OB practice for women with low-risk pregnancies, so I will return to this CNM exclusively for the remainder of my pregnancy and keep my fingers crossed that she will be the CNM on duty during my delivery. There's just no way to tell, unfortunately.

Pokey was *head down* for the visit, though I suspect she was just being "good" for the appointment. Exciting to think that she's finding a position she likes, though!

I am not gaining enough weight, and more than likely, Pokey isn't either. The CNM estimates Pokey has not gained much weight since my last visit four weeks ago, either, based on the measurement of my belly she took. Obviously, this is just an estimate; but my weight gain has been modest at best. So, I'm now on a rigorous EATING schedule that has me eating as soon as I awaken at 4 or 5am...a big meal...with five more meals throughout the day. Focus on protein. So far, I'm feeling exhausted and heartburn-y.

The fatigue has returned like gangbusters. I swear I've slept at least 16 hours a day for the last two days. Could be I'm just busy growing another human and need my rest. But combined with the loss of lung-capacity from Pokey's expansion, it doesn't make me feel all too effective as a person just trying to accomplish simple tasks, like walking to my car, getting out of the bathtub, and making the bed. I'm easily winded, and I need a lot of rest. It's frustrating.

Mentally, though, I feel good. I've begun talking to Pokey a good deal during the day, especially when she's moving around. She seems to respond to the sound of my voice. I don't sing much, but I suspect I may begin to subject my poor captive audience to Momma's favorite tunes...something I might be able to use to soothe her if and when she has unsootheable moments. Hope she likes Depeche Mode and David Bowie!

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