Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So, about seven months ago, I began a half-assed attempt at a blog I envisioned as being an homage to my newlywed-dom.

Obviously, it didn't take.

Rather than toss out the baby with the bathwater for the umpteenth-time, I've decided that the warts do me credit. Everybody poops.

I miss my old blogs--T is for Teacher from the old MSN Spaces days, most especially. Finding a way to shift both life narrative and blog theme has proven a ridiculous and futile exercise. Instead, I choose poop.

I anticipate that as I transition from very pregnant lady to new-mom, I will have a lot to say about poop. But then, poop always happens. Everyone has an opinion about poop. And I miss writing, even if most of it is self-congratulatory navel gazing...or, bathroom-reading, if we're sticking with a theme.

So. Welcome to the Poop.

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