Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Round-Up

It's been a low-key week round these here parts. Health Care (err...Insurance, rather) Reform passed, and then it passed again. Duke is in the Elite Eight (about which I care not a lick, but DH does, and there's just that much less swearing, which keeps things pleasant for everyone involved). I had a ridiculous consultation with a pediatrician--He was terrible. I will write about it when I have my next consultation with a different pediatrician later this week. The house is tidy and clean. The weather is gorgeous. And I am interviewing a doula in about an hour.

No trip to Disney this past week to ride the Haunted Mansion infinity times--DH worked and is still working today. First day off is tomorrow, and with so many schools around the country hitting Spring Break this weekend, I can assure you we will be no where near the theme parks for at least a couple of weeks. It looks like we'll go to The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens for the big 3-5 instead, provided the weather cooperates.

And speaking of my birthday, DH has been singing Steve Martin's "The Thermos Song," from The Jerk for the last few days. It's become something of an ear worm, and I feel compelled to share. You're welcome.

What I'm reading this morning:


  1. interesting reading list! so glad you stopped by my blog today! it's great to meet you... I totally understand the pedi rant.. we're in a shared practice and sometimes for emerg situations its catch as catch can... I love our regular doc, but some of her associates can be a little sketchy...

    Hope your next appointment goes better!

  2. wow, you are a busy blogger! I really like how you add what/who you are reading today...really a great idea!

    I am stoppin by from the Lady Bloggers, and hope you have a great week!!!


  3. Hi T! I've been catching up on your blog! I'm glad you stopped by mine so I could find this! Looking forward to reading lots more!