Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Round-Up

I enjoyed a tradition at T is for Teacher every Saturday when I would post all sorts of goodies non-work related that made my Big Day Off most enjoyable, whether it be podcasts to which I listened during the day, articles I'd read, activities in which I'd participated, travel destinations to which I aspired, or things I loved and wanted to share. I'd like to reinstate that tradition here, even though my days blend together more homogeneously than they had when I was working.

  • I listened to Episode 402 of This American Life: Save the Day. It's a good one.
  • Aveda's Foot Relief was a spendy indulgence I bought a few weeks ago, when the relaxin hormone kicked in and made my non-existent arches ache like they hadn't ached since I was a ten-year old gymnast pounding the hell out of the floor with my handsprings and tucks. My feet are tingling as I type.
  • I read this article from this morning: Unsettled: Why Israel and liberal American Jews are drifting apart.
  • I posted this link to on my Facebook page: Top 10 facts to know about health care reform. It does a nice, summative, non-partisan job of breaking down the what Health Care Reform will and won't do. I doubt many who fall Right of Center really cares to know the true details of reform--far better to deliver a staggering defeat to Speaker Pelosi and President Obama than impress stewardship for health and happiness upon The American People.
  • If you send a gift for Pokey, chances are you will receive an adorable thank you note card from a great stationery designer I found on Perideau Designs. She's changed her shop name since I first found her as well as her business model, but her stuff just keeps getting better. I'm all for promoting handmade. And I'm a stationery addict.
  • I will ride the Haunted Mansion, my favorite of all Disney rides, as many times as I want in honor of my 35th birthday. It looks as if we may visit the Magic Kingdom sometime this upcoming week since my birthday falls on a blackout day...which, as former cast member, I can tell you pretty much guarantees crowds I won't want to be anywhere near. I will also eat a giant turkey leg, buy a giant lollipop, and generally act like I'm 34 going on 5. I want a balloon, too. And Mickey Ears with my name embroidered on the back.
  • And finally, for now, I am researching Honolulu. Not for vacation, though. We may move. It would be a massive undertaking at a time when we have an infant in tow; when the housing market guarantees a substantial loss on our investment; but I can't help but be really excited at the prospect of living in Hawaii. What an adventure. More to come on that topic, I'm sure.

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