Monday, March 29, 2010

Reflections at Thirty-Five: Deyanu.

This will probably be an ongoing post throughout the day.  I am officially thirty-five years old today!  Or, as I will say for the rest of my life, I am finally thirty-five years old today.  Well, I won't say the thirty-five least I hope I won't.  I think there's something sad about lying about one's age, unless that person is fifteen and wants to get into an R-rated movie.

Tonight is also the first night of Passover.  Though I would no longer consider myself Jewish, there's something about being a part of Jewry that will occasionally inspire me on holidays to take stock of where I am and from whence I came.  Deyanu is a traditional Passover song; the meaning of the word itself is, "It would have been enough." As in, if this one good thing had happened to me, it would have been enough; but then, this other good thing happened, and that would have been enough; but then, this other good thing get the idea.

I'm feeling pretty blessed that this is the thought upon which I feel called to meditate on my birthday, a day that many women dread.  Particularly thirty-five.  Yesterday, I had a proper bra fitting with the lactation consultant at the hospital--because my girls have grown a good three cup sizes since we began this pregnancy journey seven months ago, and probably aren't done yet.  As I completed the purchase of my very first nursing bra, I remarked that tomorrow would be my big 3-5.  The LC moaned sympathetically and told me that it was a difficult birthday for her.  It struck me as a sad moment.  And a grateful one:  I'm really glad this isn't hard for me, at least this year.  I have so much good in my life right now:  I'm healthy and happy.  That would have been enough, but I finally married the guy I fell in love with seventeen years ago, who happens to be my best friend.  That would have been enough, but I have a remarkably fortunate and full life with my best friend.  That would have been enough, but now, we're expecting our first child in eight-ish weeks.



  1. Lovely post - Deyanu indeed :)

  2. : ) I liked your post. I like birthdays, I like celebrating them and I don't mind getting older. I turn 30 in a few weeks and when people hear that they wince and say stuff like, "Ugh, I hated turning 30". For me, no biggie.

  3. Happy birthday! It's funny how some of them are loaded and some aren't. Thirty was nothing, but thirty-one felt SO OLD.